Why You Need Automation In Your Business

According to a study in 2018, it showed up to 22% of the workforce does not have process excellence in workflow automation. These details are critical to growing revenue and customer satisfaction. You need to start focusing on process excellence if you’d like to grow a list of happy customers.

The world is ever-changing, every day something different arises thanks to technology. If these changes are not welcomed then you’ll become left behind and miss out on a ton of opportunities. In order for a business to survive and thrive businesses need to pursue strategies that reduce time and increase efficiency.

Why You Need Automation In Your Business

What is automation in business?

Business automation is also known as “BPA” or “business process information” is a system that strategy businesses use to organize their process and personnel systematically replaces manual processes with intelligent automation, open collaboration, and analytics. The idea is to move the business forward with a particular goal. Even though most tasks require human interaction, this is where the collaboration comes into play as you’ll need to speak one on one with the collaborator to discuss the tasks that will be delegated. 

Efficiency can not be achieved if a business or brand doesn’t understand the importance of menial or important tasks. Business should be focused on efficiency and productivity among other aspects of the business so smart work is crucial in these areas. However efficiency can’t just be done by prioritizing a workload, this is where automation comes in. Automation will allow free time giving you time to utilize other important tasks. 

Balance is maintained while repetitive tasks are removed from your daily workload as it streamlines workflow processes so you can turn the focus onto crucial projects or tasks. 

If you’re unfamiliar with automation or how it may boost the productivity of your business here are a few example tasks you can automate in your business:

  1. High volume tasks
  2. Time-sensitive material
  3. Multiple people required to complete one task
  4. Sufficient impacts on other tasks

Customers are happier when you can assist the problem immediately and cut down on human error. Business automation can be vital to businesses in which relationships are vital and key. When you use automation your business can enhance human interaction, create real-time transparency, and decisions making. 

Automation also saves time which means more money for your business because time is sacred for the most successful companies who don’t want or have time to spend hours on performing repetitive tasks. If you find your staff working overtime just to fulfill these tasks then it’s time to think about automation and remove the overwhelming stress and chaos from the equation with one simple step. Some of these daunting tasks reduce employee morale or your own as a matter of fact. Automation would definitely help with those tasks in no time! 

Social media marketing is another great way you can utilize automation. Social media marketing lets you create a content plan then schedule outposts, the same goes with email marketing. You can set these systems to automate like a set and forget it with optimum results. However, automation tools should be used for scheduling not just writing your social media posts. Social media automation can best be used to free up time that you can then use to interact with your followers.

Lifecycle marketing is the process of providing your customers the kind of experiences they need and communications they want as the individual moves from a prospect to the customer with the end goal of being an advocate. When used correctly lifecycle marketing is the best goodwill generating a concept in the digital world, all you need is to really understand your target audience. A lifecycle marketing plan is usually only three phases: the three “C”s – collect, convert, and create. All three include basic strategies, tactics of coalescing, that come together into one self-sustaining process.

Email marketing is a great way to identify your focused audience and engage with them. Instead of sending out a manual campaign, you can automate by the emails to run in the background while you are tending to valuable tasks. When you automate an email or email sequence you pick the date, time, and contacts you’d like to send it to, when this is automated you simply set the emails to go out on that date and time. You can schedule a sequence of emails to go out as well, simply pick your subject, write your email, set the time and date then voila! Your sequence will be delivered to the recipients you specify.

Reducing labor costs by taking the task from one individual to having it completely automated. You never know if the individual in charge of the tasks hates what they do, you don’t want something done halfway when it comes to your business. You want something or someone that can help in all facets of the business process. Many businesses pay to outsource the task altogether which can be rather costly. Automation is the best task as it performs the task regardless of how tedious, stressful, and ongoing it may be saving tons of money for other aspects of your business. 

In a world where stress is everywhere and we all usually experience it at least once in our lifetime right, the automation process is built to reduce stress and get the job done efficiently. You’ll have better control over your business once automated as well as you are completely able to control all aspects of the tasks you’ve set out for automation. Tasks that require multiple team members or multiple steps need to have a well-defined workflow to get the job done this is easy with automation as rules, follow-ups, and alerts are sent.

If you’re deciding to automate your business I hope this article has helped you with your choice. There is nothing like taking the stress, overwhelm, and chaos out of your business when it comes to automation. It’s one of the best decisions you can make for your business; it saves time, money, builds structure, conquers chaos, and helps with your overall customer’s journey.

6 Ways To Grow Your Clientele

Finding new clients can be a real struggle for some. You download every freebie you can get your hands on, but nothing seems to be working, so you’re left spinning your wheels.

Everyone has been here; however, there are a few different ways you can attract new clients effortlessly. 

In today’s post, I’m going to teach you a few tips and tricks that helped me when I first started my business.

Let’s dig in!

6 Ways To Grow Your Clientele:

Hire a content creator – hiring a content creator puts the work in the hands of someone else. You no longer have to worry about trying to find the time to write your content. Be careful when hiring someone; you don’t want just anyone working on your projects. You want someone whos good at what they do. I’m a content creator, and I love spinning words into gold every day because I love what I do! If you’re looking for an awesome content creator, feel free to set up a time to chat, it’s easy to book a call (plus the call is FREE). 

Have a business blog for views, products, and sales – this, to me, is the bread and butter to your website. Having a blog for your business shows customers/clients that you’re on top of things and want to let them know what’s going on in your industry. In these blog posts, you can make as long or as short as you’d like them to be. It’s shown that long-form (1,000-2,000 words) performs better than the standard 500-word post. When I write a blog post, I like to brainstorm and let the client and I flow. I then make sure to do extensive research on the topic. There are no fluff words like “the,” “and,” and “So.” scattered about the posts I write, so it’s wholly fluffed free.

Social media content – with so many people on social media these days, it’s easy to get caught up in the trend. The truth is social media is a powerhouse for your business and brand. You can get out there to your followers and even onboard clients. This one should also be your secret weapon, along with blog posts. Social media makes it easy to progress by letting you schedule posts, tag posts, and share your recent event, product, or promotion. 

Word of mouth – if you’re striving for local business, then this is the way to go! You can get testimonies from locals that you can put on your website or brochures. Also, ask your friends and families for referrals; you never know who might need your services.

Email lists – having an email list is GOLDEN because you know those already interested in you, your business, and your service/products. You can send them newsletters, updates, and promotions. Just make sure to keep them engaged and nurtured, so they don’t hit that ugly unsubscribe button!

Facebook & Instagram stories – I wanted to group these as they both contain stories. These stories can show your personality, product, or business venture like an event ( if we can ever have networking events – because ya know Covid). These videos don’t last long, so save them when you add them to a highlight.

I hope you’ve found these tips useful. If you’d like to chat about anything I’ve said in this post or have any questions, please feel free to contact me so we can get ya in the know. 

4 Tools Entrepreneurs Can’t Live Without

We’ve gone over why your business needs a blog and why you should spy on your competitors so now I want to bring you the 4 biggest time savers of my business!

When I first decided to become a freelance writer I knew I wanted to create content because I loved it. I love words!

Building a business can be challenging but there are a few options that make the tasks easier.

The 4 Tools Entrepreneurs Can’t Live Without

Work smarter not harder is what I always say, so if I can have software or some way to outsource; well then I’m all for it!

As an entrepreneur or business owner there are so many hats you have to wear, you may lose track of one or two during the month or quarter too.

These are by far the best tools I’ve ever used!

I’ve compiled a few things that entrepreneurs, bloggers, and business owners a like can greatly benefit from.

In this handy list you’ll find programs to help make life simpler, keep track of everything with the click of a button, and help you keep your sanity. 

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and by clicking and making a purchase that will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).

Billing and invoicing – this is the most time consuming for me. It’s not that it’s hard but the fact that I just don’t like doing it and it’s so important. This software and I are best friends, if you will. It does all the work for me as I only have to push a few buttons.

Time tracking – I’m horrible at manually keeping up with my time, which is bad because ya know you like knowing what you’re making an hour so you don’t have to lower prices because you forget to track. If you’re not like me and you’re good at it this little tool will help keep you on track without a problem.

Payments – Oh payments, I love that word! This program makes it easy to collect payments quickly without any hassle.

Business cards – I love business cards! I love everything about them from designing to handing them out. This program makes it so easy to customize your own business cards. You can choose from different paper stocks, ink colors, fonts, even down to the edges of the card.

I use these tools on the daily, they’re like my best friends! It makes it convenient that I can also track side jobs that I get. 

The holidays are coming up so if you let someone you know is a business owner or an entrepreneur, these would be great and unique gifts to give this year.

You’ll benefit from these 4 tools all year around, then like myself you’ll be in love with them and won’t understand how you ever lived without them.

Why Your Business Should Have A Blog

I want to talk to you as a friend so I’m not going to throw you a sales pitch. If I didn’t have a blog for my newly started freelance business I’d be up the creek without both paddles; oh and there is a hole in the boat.

A blog helps you stand out from your local or online competitors by showing off your experience and getting eyes on the content you value most. A blog is a great way to show off your business, highlight your products, or bring attention to your upcoming events. 

The more blog content you create (I can help with that) the more views you’ll get on your site, thus getting even more of a steady stream of locals through the door and out as a happy customer/client.

Using keywords associated with your brand will help you show up in Google rankings meaning you’ll also show up in search engines. A blog will provide a perfect platform to maximize your SEO strategy.

You may be thinking “well Leslie (yes, you can call me that.) what exactly is an SEO?” SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which helps the process of increasing the quantity and quality of a web page or website. SEO refers to the unpaid results which excludes traffic to the pages that have paid placement.

In 2018 companies replied to having a 61% increase in their companies SEO practice. The average rate of visitors without SEO is 1.7% but with SEO done right an optimized website or web page could convert customers by up to 14.6%! When it comes to your business you don’t want to leave money on the table; that’s money that can go back into your business.

Check with your accountant to see if you’re eligible to write off your freelance articles as a tax deduction. It is amazing what a few little words and descriptions can do for your business.

If you’re struggling with content, leave a comment below, send me an email or reach out on social media. I’m here to help you in any way I can, let’s get you more customers/clients!

10 Ways On How to Achieve Great Content Without Having to Create It

10 Ways On How to Achieve Great Content Without Having to Create It

I was working for a company when I started content writing for them. They had a website, a business that was doing OK, and employees willing to go the extra mile.

One day I sat thinking what I could do to help their business expand, letting the employees go their extra mile.

Then it clicked!

I’m a content writer so I took a few days to create a pitch (even though I already work for them I still wanted to be professional to let them know I know what I’m doing) and show them my portfolio; they loved it!

We all know content is king but why shouldn’t you write it yourself? I’ll tell you why!

That is why you have me, think of me as your fairy mother of content creation. You might not enjoy writing content but I can tell you it helps inform your clients/customers of your business, products, and events. You’ll want to get all the eyes on these specialties as possible. This is why I’m sharing 10 ways on how to achieve great content without having to create it.

Luckily for you, I LOVE to write content, I would do it in my sleep if I could. I promise you I’ll convert those visitors into new clients/customers. I do not break my promises either.

I have a few ways to make your content successful – which is to hire me as a content creator. I’ll handle everything your blog will need to help it alongside your business thrive.

Are you worried about spending the money to hire a content creator in these uncertain times? I can assure you this will be a great investment. Why do I say this? Your clients/customers will be checking out your website and updating your blog posts will only keep them interested in your brand and let them know you’ll be there when all of this is over since you are active now.

10 Ways On How to Achieve Great Content Without Having to Create It

  1. Original content – You’ll want to have original content as your articles/blog post. You don’t want something watered down which is also full of fluff. 
  2. Evergreen content – evergreen content is content that never goes out of style so to speak. It is true content that can be seen over and over with very little update. 
  3. Making content actionable – If you make your contact actionable like adding a newsletter, quiz, or cheatsheet your visitors will have something that will remind them of your brand and website.
  4. Focus on a strong headline – strong headlines draw in attention to your article/blog post. This is what a visitor will be seeing before they even get to your content that follows. An attention grabbing headline is a must.
  5. Provide answers to your customers/clients – designing your blog post around questions is a great way to provide your clients/customers with answers. You can come right out with these questions or you can hide them within the post and simply give answers throughout the article/blog post.
  6. Link other sources which will only help Google’s search engines figure out what your site is all about – Google is your number one priority. If you can’t be found on Google then it’ll be hard for your new clients/customers to find you. You’ll want to use relevant keywords and sprinkle them throughout the article/blog post. These keywords help your SEO which makes you searchable and also able to be found.
  7. Create thought provoking content – creating thought provoking content gets the client/customer thinking about the topic you’ve chosen. This will help your business by keeping prospects on your site to search around and eventually end up on your product or services page.
  8. People love stories, leave readers with a few questions so they can implement the information they’ve just read on your site – This is a little similar to the tip above and i know it contradicts number 5 but let me explain. Leaving visitors with questions will also make them think about the problem they have and they need solving. When you execute number 5 later in the post they’ll have the answers to their questions.
  9. Create continual updates to your website’s blog – creating new content for your site helps give more information in each post without having one huge run on article/post. Your visitors will also know you are active on your website, wanting to help solve the problem they are facing.
  10. Provide answers – Add a FAQ article/blog post to help answer those gnawing questions your visitors might have about either your product or service. This will also let the visitor know they can contact you and get feedback when they have questions needing answers.

So you can see how I can help take your business to the next level while all those new visitors convert into new clients/customers. As you can see I love what I do and I would love to share my passion with you especially when it’ll help convert your sales.

If this article was helpful or you’d like to get started working together please leave a comment or feel free to get in touch and we can get started!