Why Did I Become A Freelance Writer?

Why did I become a freelance writer you ask (or didn’t) I’ll explain but first you have to know a bit of the back story.

When I was a kid, even in elementary school I loved two subjects; English and reading. I know, weird right?

Who likes writing those paragraphs and reading those books? 👉🏼this girl👈🏼

I got so excited when the book fair would arrive, I’d buy a stack of books to jam into my book bag that I couldn’t wait to read through the weekend.

One of my favorite hobbies besides reading new books is reading books I’ve previously already read.

I like to fill my bookshelf so I don’t buy Kindle or Audiobooks. I know it sounds really weird but i love the smell of books too.

I told you that to tell you this; I fell in love with words as a child before I even knew what love was.

As I got older I wrote in a journal everyday, wrote poetry, and oftentimes those words got me in a lot of trouble and even broke my heart on a few occasions.

Why did I become a freelance writer?

I became a freelance writer to help companies find and use their words in a voice that talks to their readers.

You’d be surprised how many voices writing can entail. There’s friendly, sales pitches, informational. It’s all about the writer’s tone.

I love so much to get testimonials back about how my article or blog post helped a client with their business or converted visitors into buyers.

Think of it this way, whatever brings you the most joy, that is what writing feels like to me.

I love taking words and twisting them into a masterpiece that is a sentence. Some masterpieces are art, others are cars, relationships, or homes but to me it’s words.

In 2017, I tried starting a writing business but i had a full time job and things weren’t working out with trying to grow it and working 55+ hours a week so I let it fall to the wayside.

In recent months I’ve felt it nagging at me to give it a try again. I’m working part time now so I’ll have more time to grow it, let it prosper to become what it’s intended to be.

It’s a little harder than I first remember I’ll admit, with all the different hats everyday and trying to figure out the perfect business plan. I’m not completely there yet but I can’t wait to write great content for the clients I get.

If I have one piece of advice for new freelancers and entrepreneurs it’s to take it slow at first, it’s not a race to the finish. To do it right the first time is better than having to go over to do it again (believe me I know). Take each day one step at a time with your growth of social platforms because trying to do them all at once will certainly burn you out. Enjoy what you do!

What’s something you have a passion for? That lights that spark that shines in your eyes every time you think about it.

48 thoughts on “Why Did I Become A Freelance Writer?

  1. I love the way books smell too…my partner thinks I am crazy lol…Did you take any courses for freelancing or did you just go for it?

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  2. I love reading why people decided to pursue their careers. It is great that you became a freelance writer to turn your thoughts into real life creations. I am glad that you are giving it another chance. Keep it up!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  3. Oh my goodness, I thought I was the only one who loved the smell of books! It’s just something about them that makes me happy. :]

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      1. Amen! Weirdly enough I’m also the same about a Home Depot and fresh cut grass. It just smells nice to me haha

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  4. Thanks for your post Leslie! In your view, what’s the most important non-writing skill for a freelance writer to have in order to be successful?

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  5. Thanks a lot for your post.
    I feel like reading through my own words.
    Writing is such a huge part of my life too.
    It’s refreshing to find bloggers who feel the same way 🙂
    I have been consistently searching for ways to engage in activities that I could use words to earn from the craft. Lately, I found https://www.therisr.com/ and I hope I can share this with others who might also want to find a way to use their skill to earn.

    Thanks again for your post. Hope to hear more from you soon.

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  6. We have so much in common! Freelance writing has been an amazing second career for me. When I was in college, writing as much as I loved it, was much more difficult to make a living doing. Now the internet (I’m dating myself) provides us with so many opportunities. I used to think writing well was something everyone did but now I realize it’s a true gift.

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  7. Love your advice for new freelancers. I’m one of those (blogger turned Pinterest manager) and love hearing about how other people ended up freelancing too! I love the freedom it brings, but there is definitely a lot of room to make mistakes along the way. Thanks for sharing your journey!

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  8. I truly enjoyed reading about your passion for words! I can also completely relate to your love for books! When I was little, I would order library books in the mail and remember the feeling of opening up the mailbox to see a brand new set of books. It was the best feeling! It’s great to hear that you are continuing to pursue your dreams! Good luck with everything!.

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  9. “I love taking words and twisting them into a masterpiece that is a sentence.”

    LOVE that statement!

    And, same here. There’s something about being able to put together words in a string of sentences that moves people to emotion or action! ❤

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  10. Oh my! Love this! I love how you included your personal story into an article about why you became a freelance writer. By the time I got to the paragraph on the childhood book fairs – which was a highlight of my school years too – I was thinking about how much I loved the smell of books. No kidding. And in the very next section you said you liked book smells too! I wonder if that is common among people who love to read books, lol!

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  11. Hey Leslie, thank you for sharing your story!

    I am a freelance writer too and I used to work under an agent until a week ago. Now, I am having difficulties finding clients to pitch to. Do you have any advice or job boards that you frequent? It would be great if you can point me in the right direction. Thank you! 🙂

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      1. Yup, I seek out clients/businesses in my niche and shoot them an email asking to be directed to their PR personal. I’ve just started doing it though. I try to find a name to personalize each email too.


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